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Forced response of SDOF


         To study, experimentally, the response of a SDOF system to harmonic excitation applied to the mass for different values of damping factor

Importance of studying response of a SDOF system to harmonic excitation

       Life of components and their joints in an assembly under vibration greatly depends on amplitude of vibration. Hence, it is important to know the amplitude of vibration. Amplitude of vibration tends to be high particularly at and near resonance that occur when the excitation frequency is close to the natural frequency of a system. And therefore, the natural frequency of vibration must be separated considerably from the excitation frequency.
     A Spring-Mass-Damper arrangement is considered in this experiment for finding its response to a harmonic excitation. Resonance is characterized by high value of amplitude of vibration. The Spring-Mass-Damper arrangement is an idealized model of a machine resting on resilient pad or sheet. The machine, say a lathe-bed and its accessories, can be considered rigid representing the mass in the SDOF system, and the resilient pad, a spring and damper together. The concepts developed while studying a SDOF system are fundamental and useful for studying complex systems also.